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"10-line Double Joker" video poker

The Game

You must collect cards to form one of ten winning combinations on a maximum number of hands. The more complicated the combination, the higher the corresponding payout. The game is played using 10 standard decks of 52 cards plus two Joker cards each.

Video Poker Description

Before the game the display shows the payout table. You can open and close it any time in the game by pressing the "Pay Table" button.

Pressing one of the "Pay Table", "Bet One" or «Bet Max" buttons closes the payout table and shows the play screen.

The center of the screen is the place where the player's cards are dealt.

The lower row is a placeholder for the main hand. There are 9 additional hands above it.

To the right of the screen are three indicators showing the player's credit balance ("Credits"), the winning sum for the deal ("Payout") and the current bet in tokens ("Coins").

Directly under the screen are the card control buttons - "Hold". To the right, just below the indicators are the control buttons used to adjust the value of the tokens ("-", "+" and the indicator showing the current token value).

In the very bottom there is a panel with the control buttons:

  • to view the payout table ("Pay Table"),
  • to insert one token ("Bet One"),
  • to insert the maximum number of tokens ("Bet Max") and
  • to deal/change the cards ("Deal" / "Change")

The Bets

The game is played with tokens worth 10, 50 cents or 1, 2, 5, 10 or 15 dollars (or your account's currency). The maximum number of tokens is 5.

The player can adjust the value of the tokens before each game by pressing the "-" and "+" button, having the current balance of the player's tokens recounted ("Credits" indicator). By pressing the "Bet One" button, the player can increase the bet by one token.

Having pressed the "Bet Max" button, the player can increase the bet to the maximum (five tokens). After that the cards will be dealt automatically.

The Rules of the Game

Having placed his bet, the player presses the "Deal" button and receives 5 cards in his main hand. Having looked at his cards, he must decide which of them to keep and which to exchange in the hope of strengthening his hand. For example, if all or some of the cards he has been dealt form a winning combination, or part of one, it is worth keeping these cards and hence increasing the probability of a win.

Click on the appropriate card or on the corresponding "Hold" button beneath the card to hold it. The chosen cards will be held in the main and in all additional hands. When all the necessary cards have been held, click the "Change" button and the machine will change the remaining (non-held) cards in every hand. Each hand is dealt from a separate deck, so different hands can contain the same cards.

In the event of a winning combination the size of the winnings depends on the combination. Both the combination and the corresponding winnings light up on the payout table, the name of the combination appears in front of the hand. The winnings will then be added to the player's account.

The table below shows all possible winning combinations. The payoffs for these combinations are stated in the videopoker's payout table and may differ depending on the number of tokens inserted.

Hand Combination Description
Natural Royal Flush Five highest cards - 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace - of the same suit, with no wild cards or jokers
Joker Royal Flush Five highest cards - 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace - of the same suit, with one or more cards substituted by a joker
Five of a Kind Five cards of the same value.
Since there are only four suits, this combination can only occur in games with wild cards or jokers ("Four of a Kind" plus wild-card or joker)
Straight Flush Five sequential cards of the same suit
Four of a Kind Four cards of the same value
Full House "One Pair" plus "Three of a Kind"
Flush Any non-consecutive cards (in value) of the same suit
Straight Five consecutive cards (in value) of different suits
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same value
Two Pairs Two cards of one value plus two cards of another value
Nothing None of the above

Playing with Jokers

When playing with the Jokers player might receive a Joker which can be used to represent any other card in the deck. If, thanks to the Joker, the player is able to form more than one winning combinations he is credited with the most valuable combination.

Please note, that when playing with both Jokers and wild cards, the former can not substitute for wilds.

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