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"Sea World" slots

The Game

Once the drums are spinning you need to get one of the winning combinations of symbols on the display. The more rare the combination is the more the payoff would be.

Slot Machine Description

At the top of the machine is the table of the winning combinations and the corresponding payouts.

In the centre are the three drums, on which the combinations of symbols fall.

To the right from the drums is the "Coins" indicator showing the number of tokens used for one spin.

Lower down are the two indicators that show the credit balance in the player's account ("Credit") and the winning sum for the last combination ("Win").

Even lower down are the control buttons:

  • to adjust the value of the tokens ("-", "+" and the indicator showing the current token value),
  • to insert one token ("Bet One"),
  • to insert the maximum number of tokens ("Bet Max") and
  • to spin the drums ("Spin")

The Bets

The game is played with tokens worth 25 or 50 cents or 1 or 5 dollars. The maximum number of tokens is 3.

The player can adjust the value of the tokens before each game by pressing the "-" and "+" button, having the current balance of the players tokens recounted. By pressing the "Bet One" button, the player can increase the bet by one token.

Having pressed the "Bet Max" button, the player can increase the bet to the maximum (three tokens). After that the drums start to spin automatically.

The Rules of the Game

Having placed his bet, the player must press the "Spin" button or click on the lever on the right hand side of the machine. The drums will start to spin. If a winning combination has fallen once all the drums have stopped spinning then a sum in tokens is added to the player's account. The size of this sum is shown in the table of winnings at the top of the machine and depends on the bet and the combination of symbols.

In the case of a non-winning combination the sum of the bet is subtracted from the player's account.

The size of the winnings lights up on the table of winnings at the top of the machine.

The table shows all possible winning combinations:

Three pearls 800:1
Three sharks 200:1
Three octopuses 80:1
Three fishes 40:1
Three shells 20:1
Any 3x 
Any 3 starfishes 10:1
Any 2x 
Any 2 starfishes 5:1
Any 1x 
Any starfish 2:1
  None of the above 0:1
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