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French roulette

The Game

Roulette is played by spinning a small ball on a round wheel. The ball circles in the rotating roulette wheel and stops randomly on one of the wheel sectors. Your goal as a player is to predict the result of the spin by placing corresponding bets on the roulette table divided into many different fields. By predicting the right number, you earn a payoff on your bet.

The difference between French, European and American roulette is the game table layout and the odds.

The Rules of the Game

Place a bet on a number, color, odds or a group of numbers on the Roulette table, and spin the wheel. You can spin the roulette wheel by pressing the "Spin" button or a close-up version of the wheel. Roulette spins automatically in 30 seconds since the last round.

When the ball has stopped in a slot, its number will be marked on the table layout with a marker. You can see the winning number in the window to the right from the table.

You can spin the wheel without having to place the bets. After you have spun the wheel, you cannot place the bets anymore. You can place as many bets as you want unless they exceed the amount of money that you have.

The Bets

Place the chip on the roulette table by clicking the desired betting area. To cancel the bet, click on the chip again.

A betting layout allows to place bets on one or more numbers at a time. Numbers are arranged in 12 rows and three columns, at the top of the number field is the zero. Bets placed in this numbered space or on the lines between numbers are called inside bets.

Another five bets are made on the special boxes below and to the center of the board and are called outside bets.

Alternative bets are not permitted: e.g. red and black, even and odd, three dozens, etc. These bets don't alter the turnover.

There are several different bet types in roulette each covering different fields and having different payoffs:

Bet Type Bet Description Payoff Min bet Max bet
Straight up A chip is placed on any single number 1-36 including zero (0). This bet covers one single number.
(see A)
35:1 1 100
Split up A chip is placed on the line dividing two adjacent numbers. This bet covers two numbers.
(see B)
17:1 1 100
Street bet A chip is placed on the outer right boundary line of the roulette table. This bet covers three numbers.
(see C)
11:1 1 100
Corner bet A chip is placed in the corner where the four numbers meet. The bet covers all these four numbers.
(see D)
8:1 1 100
Six line bet A chip is placed on the outer right boundary line where it intersects with the line dividing two neighbour rows. This bet covers all two rows each consisting of three numbers.
(see E)
5:1 1 100
Column bet A chip is placed on one of the fields marked as "1st column", "2nd column" or "3rd column" at the very bottom of the roulette table. This bet covers all the 12 numbers in the corresponding column. Zero doesn't pay.
(see F)
2:1 1 100
Dozen bet A chip is placed on one of the fields marked as "D", "M", or "P" (first, second or third dozen). This bet covers the corresponding 12 numbers.
(see G)
2:1 1 100
1-18/19-36 A chip is placed on the "1-18" or the "19-36" field. This bet covers 18 numbers.
(see H)
1:1 1 100
Even/Odd A chip is placed on the "even" or the "odd" field. This bet covers 18 numbers. Zero doesn't pay.
(see I)
1:1 1 100
Red/Black A chip is placed on the "red" or the "black" field. This bet covers 18 numbers. Zero doesn't pay.
(see J)
1:1 1 100

Announce Bets

The French table has a mechanism to place the so-called Announces (call bets), bets for which there are no dedicated fields on the table layout. They are announced to the dealer, who then places the required amount of chips on the corresponding fields.

There are two different types of announce bets - neighbors and arcs ("Voisins de Zero", "Orphelins", and "Tier").

  • Neighbor bets

    Neighbor bets cover numbers located next to each other on the roulette wheel. Choose a number and then decide how many "neighbors" of that number (one, two, three or four) you would like to include in your wager. For example, when you place a bet on a number and 4 neighbors, and one of the number wins, the dealer places 1/5 of the bet on the winning number. A payoff will be calculated as 35:1.

    The number of neighbor bets is fixed and equals two (on each side of the number).

  • Arcs

    Voisins de Zero, Orphelins, and Tier divide the wheel into four distinct areas. You can see different bet types below:

    • Zero Spiel

      The Zero Spiel ("zero game") is a call bet covering the sector of 7 neighboring numbers around zero. The Zero Spiel requires 4 (or 4-order number) equal chips to combine four natural bets in the schedule below.

    • Voisins de Zero

      The Voisins de Zero ("neighbors of zero") is a call bet covering up to the half (17 numbers) of a wheel at one sector. The Voisins de Zero requires the 9 or 9-order count equal chips to combine seven natural bets. The bet schedule and computations are at the table below.

    • Orphelins

      The Orphelins ("orphan") is a call bet covering 8 numbers of two opposite sectors. The Orphelins requires 5 or 5-order count equal chips. The bet schedule and computations are at the table below.

    • Tier

      The Tier ("third") is a call bet covering 12 numbers (up to the third of a wheel) placed in one sector. It requires 6 or 6-order count equal chips to combine six natural bets. The bet schedule and computations are at the table below.

Voisins de Zero
Numbers Chips
0/2/3 2
4/7 1
12/15 1
18/21 1
19/22 1
25/26/28/29 2
32/35 1
Total: 9
Numbers Chips
5/8 1
10/11 1
13/16 1
23/24 1
27/30 1
33/36 1
Total: 6

Wheel track, divided into four areas
Numbers Chips
1 1
6/9 1
14/17 1
17/20 1
31/34 1
Total: 5
Zero Spiel
Numbers Chips
0/3 1
12/15 1
26 1
32/35 1
Total: 4

To place a bet, click on the "Announce" button and choose either "Announce bet" or "Neighbour bet" tab. When the bet have been chosen:

  • the minimum betting limit for each field will be calculated automatically
  • the corresponding numbers will be displayed
  • the total wager amount will be indicated

"Announce bet" tab

"Neighbour bet" tab

If you want to increase your total wager, click on the "+" button once for each unit you wish to add to the value of a chip. Click on the "-" button if you wish to decrease the amount wagered by each chip by one unit.

The Control Buttons for the Game

   - «SPIN», to make the spin
   - «ANNOUNCE», to make an announced bet
   - «REPEAT», to repeat the last bet
   - «CLEAR», to remove all the wagers from the table

The Jackpot

Jackpot is not being drawn on the public tables ($0.1-10 wager amount).

To win a Jackpot, you have to cover the same field and win three times in a row. You are not allowed to cover more than one field in each betting area (e.g., for the Straight up bet type, you can cover one number only.) However, you will still be eligible for the Jackpot draw when placing the bets which are not among the same bet type.

Bet type Number of consequent bets to win Minimum betting limit
Straight up 3 1

You can see the current Roulette Jackpot payout at the bottom of the screen.

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