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Blackjack Baden-Baden

The Game

In blackjack you play only against the dealer, independently of the other players. Your goal is to draw cards until your hand adds up to 21, or comes as close as possible without exceeding 21. If your first two cards total 21, you have blackjack.

Refer to the difference between Blackjack Baden-Baden and Classic Blackjack.

The Card Table

In the centre of the table there are five boxes - you may play on each of them. Beneath the boxes are the player's chips. On the top right is the deck, from which the cards are taken. On the top left are the casino's chips. On the bottom right part of the table are the control buttons for the game.

Card Values

To calculate the overall points in a hand, add up the values of all the individual cards in that hand.

  • The values of the cards from 2 to 10 correspond to their numerical marking. For example, the value of the card "5" is 5.
  • The Jack, Queen and King are all worth 10.
  • The Ace is worth either 1 or 11, and this is determined so that the sum of the points should be as big as possible, without exceeding 21. For example, the combination of Ace and five is simultaneously worth both 6 and 16, whereas the combination of Ace, five and ten is worth 16 (since in this combination if the Ace were worth 11, then the overall sum would be 26, i.e. more than 21).

Card suits have no significance in blackjack.

"Blackjack" Combination

"Blackjack" is the combination of two cards: Ace and a card worth 10 points in either order.

The Bets

To place a bet, simply click the mouse on the chosen chip and, having selected the round, click again to drop the chip there. By clicking directly on a field you can place the minimum bet. To cancel a bet, click on the field with the chips. To get rid of a chip, move the cursor of the mouse outside the boundaries of the card table. The "REBET" button repeats the last bet.

The Rules of the Game

Press the "DEAL" button to deal the cards. The decks are shuffled after each deal.

The game is played with 2 decks of 52 cards. Unlike classic Blackjack, in Blackjack Baden-Baden all 2 decks are mixed in together in one stack, which is mixed before every deal, but no shuffling is used.

The game takes place between the player and the dealer. The player can play on several boxes (as if several players were playing). The aim of the game is to get 21 points or a sum close to 21. If the sum of the points is bigger than 21 the player "busts" and loses his bet.

The rules for the dealer are very simple. If he has 16 or less points in his hand he is obliged to take a card. If he has 17 or more points he must stop.

The dealer deals two cards to the player followed by one card face up to himself. If the opened dealer card is 10-valued (10, Jack, etc.), the dealer checks his cards for blackjack. If he has blackjack, the game immediately stops and the bets are being calculated, otherwise the game continues.

Cards are dealt first to the player until he stops, or the sum of his points reaches or goes over 21.

The player can take an additional card ("HIT" button) or stop ("STAND" button). Once the player and dealer have both stopped, if the sum of the player's cards is less than that of the dealer's cards the player is considered to have lost and loses his bet. If the sums of the dealer and player's cards are equal it is a draw and the player gets his bet back. In the case of the player's win (but without him having a blackjack) the pay-out is equivalent to 100% of his bet. Non-busted six-card hand wins over any dealer hand. For example, having placed 10 chips and won, the player gets both the 10 chips of his bet back and an additional 10 chips as winnings.

If the player gets a blackjack then the pay-out is equivalent to 100% of the sum of the bet (1:1), i.e. if he placed 10 chips the player receives the 10 chips of his bet and 10 chips as winnings, hi the case of a blackjack for the dealer the game immediately stops with the payout of the winnings according to the player's blackjack 1:1 and all the other players lose.

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If the player only has two cards in his hand he may double his bet ("DOUBLE" button). If he does so a sum equal to his first bet is subtracted from his account and then he is automatically dealt one more card, after which dealing to this hand stops.

Doubling is possible only in case of a two-card combination worth 9,10 or 11.

Double after split is not allowed.


If the player only has two cards of the same face (e.g. two queens or two sevens) in his hand and both are of the same face value then he may split them ("SPLIT" button). If he does so the amount of his bet is transferred to one card and an equal amount is placed on the second card. Now the player is playing with two hands. In this case the rules remain exactly the same but with one exception - a "blackjack" on the splitted hands is not considered a "blackjack" and pays in the ratio 1:1. It is possible to have only one split on one hand.


  • The hand is 5, 5. The player can split. Another 5 goes to the first hand, splitting is not available.
  • The hand is King, 10. Splitting is not available.


Surrender is not available.


Insurance is a game of its own within blackjack, and gives you the chance to protect yourself against the situation when the dealer has blackjack.

If the dealer's first card is an ace, he is considered to have a fair chance of getting blackjack. If you believe that the dealer's second card would be of value 10, you may buy insurance against dealer's blackjack. It is a side bet at the price of half your initial bet. If the dealer does have blackjack, the insurance pays 2 to 1, corresponding to the amount of your initial bet. Insurance bet loses when dealer doesn't have blackjack.

Even Money

Once you have been dealt with the blackjack combination and the dealer's first card is an ace you can choose the "even money" option. Even money means the dealer will give you 1:1 (instead of 3:2) guaranteed payoff regardless of his cards. In case of rejecting the "even money" option and the dealer having blackjack you get your wager back and win nothing.

The Difference Between Blackjack Baden-Baden and Classic Blackjack

  • The decks are shuffled after each deal;
  • Two decks are used during the game;
  • The player always loses agains dealer's blackjack;
  • Surrender is not available;
  • Splitting is allowed only once for one box, splitting is available only for the cards of the same face;
  • Doubling is possible only in case of a two-card combination worth 9,10 or 11. In all other situations doubling is forbidden.
  • Six-card charlie rule is available

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The Control Buttons for the Game

DEAL - "DEAL", to deal the cards at the start of a game
HIT - "HIT", to receive one card
DOUBLE - "DOUBLE", to double the bet
SPLIT - "SPLIT", to split the cards
STAND - "STAND", to stop receiving cards
REBET - "REBET", to repeat the last bet
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